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Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification Course
Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification Course

We are now back to booking for 2021 so please check back regularly because we are always updating our schedule. We wanted to let you know that we have started to trend more into the large dog training workshops with Larry Krohn, Jay Jack, and Bryan Renfro.

  • JSDT1 – This is course is for individuals that are looking to become a dog trainer, and also dog daycare businesses looking to start offering dog training. We help you implement dog training with this course!
  • JSDT2/JSDT3 Special – This is a special “six day” course, where we are giving up to 50% off both our JSDT2 and JSDT3 courses combined. This special is great for dog day care businesses or dog trainers who currently offer dog training.
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