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Bil-Jac logoNoBlueBkgdOver 25 years ago, I met Bob Kelly, who was, and still is the President of Bil-Jac Pet Food. We were filming one of my dog training VHS videos at the time. Back at that time in 1991, he explained to me about the difference of his food. I started feeding the food, and have been feeding it since. The truth is I am not the only Hollywood animal trainer that feeds the food. I personally know of dozens of the animal trainers that feed Bil-Jac as well.


The one thing I learned from Bob Kelly was about the difference between Bil-Jac and other dogs foods. He explained to me about a process they created to cook the chicken at low heat. I learned that these real chicken and real chicken organs were harvested daily, and gently processed into their products. From there, he explained that they helped to protect the key nutrients in the real chicken and chicken organs by using the industry’s only Nutri-Lock™ slow cook, vacuum process. This gently dehydrates the real chicken and pasteurizes the ingredients at a controlled temperature.

Bil-Jac not only makes a great food, but also a huge variety in dog treats as well! Bil-Jac’s dog treats are no big secret amongst motion picture and TV dog trainers. I personally know a number of them that use the treat on a daily basis. For more information on Bil-Jac, and my dog training tips, please check out these links:

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