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Celebrity dog trainer and author Joel Silverman has spoken at hundreds of events across the nation over the past 30 years. He brings humility along with 40 plus years of training marine mammals and dogs. Joel speaks about his humble beginnings involving picking up trash as Sea World in order to achieve his dream of training killer whales. He speaks about the training of dolphins and killer whales, and one of the most dangerous behaviors he taught from scratch on three killer whales. He talks about his success as a Hollywood animal trainer, and training the dog Dreyfuss on the top-ten TV series EMPTY NEST on NBC. He speaks about working on the other side of the camera and being a host of two nationally syndicated TV series (one called GOOD DOG U, which was one of Animal Planet’s first shows on dog training which aired 10 years).  <<Read Joel’s bio>>

The main topic Joel talks about is dog training and much of it comes from his four books. Joel Silverman has a passion to teach and educate, and this educating he does in his books, TV series, and DVDs is brought in “real time” in his presentations. However, Joel can speak on a variety of topics based on venues, and he can speak from 30 minutes to two hours. He has been a keynote speaker a number of times. Below are some different topics he has spoken on based on his books:

Pet Related Events
  • Pet Trade Shows & Pet Expos
  • National Dog Training Conferences
  • Dog Training Groups & Clubs
  • Kennel Clubs
  • Local & National Dog Shows
  • Veterinary Conferences
  • Humane Society Annual Galas
Non-Pet Related Events
  • Conferences
  • Colleges

Over and over again I have seen Joel Silverman engage audiences as he speaks about dog and animal training. Joel’s presentations are not only dynamic but clearly come from his heart. I especially enjoy how he breaks any training concept into a sequence that motivates the dog to actually want to perform. Joel Silverman is the real deal both as a trainer and a speaker. — Marc Goldberg Past President, IACP Co-author with Monks of New Skete, LET DOGS BE DOGS

Joel Silverman recently presented at our 2019 IACP Conference, to over 525 attendees and 60 dogs.  Mr. Silverman’s presentation was interactive and feedback received was that he was fun, clear in his teaching and fun to learn from and work with on the demos. From the administration side, Joel was prepared, professional and a joy to work with on speaker arrangements and pricing.  Joel has presented with us also in the past and we were happy to have him back based on his presentation style (friendly, easy to understand, educational, interactive and fun), professionalism and over attendee satisfaction! – Cyndi Graham – Business Development Director – Coordinator for IACP Conference 

Keynote Speaker - Petfood Forum - 2011 - Chicago, Ill

Below are just three presentations he has done in the past based on these three books. But Joel also has the ability to create a presentation just for you!


What Color is Your Dog? ®

  • Animal behavior made simple
  • In this presentation, Joel gets into general dog training, Joel’s patented What Color is Your Dog? personality-based dog training method
  • Performing with his dog Oliver
  • Understanding and training reactive dogs
  • Understanding the basics and foundation of the most common behaviors

Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain ®

  • This is Joel’s first “crossover” book that helps parents managers and supervisors, and teachers build a better relationship with their kids, employees, and students
  • In this presentation, Joel talks about the parallels of dog training and parenting, managing your employees, and teaching kids
  • Direction
  • Building the perfect bond and relationship
  • Motivation and creating drive
  • Joel’s past marine mammal training, and how some of those techniques can help humans

Take 2: Training Solutions for Rescued Dogs

  • Almost all of the dogs Joel has trained over his 40 year career were adopted from animal shelters and humane societies. And because of this, a number of these dogs have baggage
  • In this presentation, Joel will teach how to understand and find out the problems your dog might have developed before he was adopted
  • Once the problem is identified, the next step is fixing it, and Joel will go through some very simple techniques

Joel will have all four of his books at every event to sign after his speaking engagement. If you are interested in booking Joel or have any questions, please contact us.

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