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joel silvermans virtual dog trainer certification course

We are happy to announce that we are finally offering VIRTUAL dog trainer certification courses! One of the reason we created these is because it is very hard for the staff at dog daycare businesses to just take 6 days off for our “in person” courses. With these new “virtual” courses, we are very flexible with your time, and we can work with you just a few hours a day over a longer period, or longer hours each day for a shorter period of time. You might want to even spend more time certain days. Because there is no travel involved, we are able to help you save money on these virtual courses.

For first half hour of the first day, Joel will go through some of his techniques that he believes are essential for all dog trainers to know and understand. After that, it is 100% practical. Because these are practical, it is essential for the students to have access to at least 3-5 dogs. These are dogs that are not trained to do any of the behaviors we will be working on.

The way the format goes is that the first half-hour, Joel will go through some of his techniques that he believes are essential for all dog trainers to know and understand. After that first half-hour, it is 100% practical.
– The first thing Joel will do is show the students the finished behavior they are working on
– Just like in Joel’s “in person” courses, he breaks each behavior down into 6-8 steps, and shows those steps
– Then the students will work with one dog one step at a time, as they rotate and all get a chance to have that “hands on” experience during that phase
– When the dog understands, he moves on to the next step
– The students will do the same thing with 3-5 dogs

This JSDT Basic and Advanced Certification Course is a total of 30 hours virtual teaching. It is really up to the owners of each day-care business how they want to schedule the virtual class and we will work around you. We can do mornings, afternoons, or evenings. We will also work around your schedule, so we can go for 1-5 hours each day. The owners might even want to schedule more hours on one day than another. Each virtual class is different in how the owners set up the schedule, but the important part is that 30 hours of class time is completed.

– This is a 20 behavior, JSDT Basic and Advanced Certification Course, and it offers both a basic and advanced JSDT Certifications
– This course is for individuals who already understand the basics and have at least taught their dog to sit and stay
– The Basic portion will focus on the SIT, STAY, LIE DOWN, COME, SENDING TO “PLACE”, AND HEEL
– The Advanced portion will focus on the advanced behaviors which are the PLAY DEAD, STRAIGHTEN UP, HEAD UP, HEAD DOWN, RETRIEVE, BOW, CRAWL, SIT UP, WAVE, FEET UP, “EASY”, BACK UP, AND CHAINING BEHAVIORS
– This certification will give you 7 different six-week classes to implement in your dog day-care business. If you do six-week classes, this will provide you with an additional 42 weeks of content

3-5 Students – $2,900.00
4-6 Students – $3,400.00

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