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December 10-12, 2021 – Jay Jack, Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman – Irvine, California

Joel Silverman Jay Jack Larry Krohn Irvine Ca
Joel Silverman Irvine California

We have a special room rate of $109.00, and the link will be posted here soon!

This event will be taking place at the Atrium Hotel, right across the street from Orange County John Wayne Airport. The location is considered Irvine, but it is where Costa Mesa, Irvine, and Newport Beach meet. Larry Krohn, Jay Jack, and Joel Silverman’s seminar/workshop will give attendees THREE TOTALLY DIFFERENT concepts in one dog training seminar/workshop. All three of these trainers have a passion to teach and share, and anyone who has attended any of their events will tell you so. Each trainer will be out for an hour, teaching, alternating, working with attendees dogs in real time. ALL attendees get a chance to watch all of each trainers training sessions. You have five options: Watching spot, working with Jay, working with Joel, working with Larry, or bring two dogs and work with two of the three trainers. Read more about what each of the trainers will be teaching at this event below.

Working Spot (Jay) – 1 Dog

Joel Silverman Larry Krohn Jay JackJoel Silvermans Dog Training Workshops

Working Spot (Larry) – 1 Dog


Working Spot (Joel) – 1 Dog

Joel Silverman Larry Krohn Jay JackJoel Silvermans Dog Training Workshops

2 Dog Working Spot – Pick 2 Trainers


Watching Spot

Joel Silverman Larry Krohn Jay JackJoel Silvermans Dog Training Workshops

Schedule all 3 days:
7:30 – 8:30 – Registration (Friday)
8:30 – 9:00 – Joel, Jay and Larry will breakdown the schedule for the weekend, and offer some of their own tips.
9:00 – 12:00 – Larry, Jay, & Joel one hour workshops
12:00 – 1:00 – Lunch – many restaurants just a few yards away
1:00 – 4:00 – Larry, Jay, & Joel one hour workshops
4:00 – 4:30 – Pictures, book signing & meet the trainers – Joel, Jay & Larry will be available for pictures and will have their books to sign.
*Special 7:30-9:00 pm additional evening training – All three trainers will be available in the same room for extra training. This is a very fun and relaxed atmosphere with music as cocktails are are allowed as well.

Joel Silverman Jay Jack Larry Krohn
Joel Silverman Jay Jack Larry Krohn

“I use a relationship centered, play based approach. We want to WANT to train and work. It should be fun for BOTH of you. Dogs naturally learn through play. And if used well…. Play can teach them MOST of what they need to learn. Obedience will also be needed…. But we prefer to teach it in the context of a game. And use Play as the motivational engine to drive the behaviors. We do not use pain as a strategy in training. In our favorite dogs….. They wouldn’t notice it anyway. So we find other ways.”

Training Windows – “For the last year or so I have developed a way of explaining a lot of complex training principles into one simple idea called Training Windows ….the often neglected windows of Play, Freedom, and Calm Liberty. These are MORE important in my mind than the traditional Work window. And we will talk about developing clarity in these windows and looking at training in a more wholistic way.”
* 12 Dog Max – Dogs need to have a very high prey and toy drive

“I started at that age of 21 as a Hollywood dog trainer doing the animal show at Universal Studios, and at that time, when a behavior needed to be trained on an untrained dog, and ready to work on the set in a few days, the only way to get it done fast was with the use of a treat the dog went crazy over. Fast forward over 40 years later, hosting two nationally syndicated TV series, and things really have not changed for me. The art is breaking behaviors down in small steps, and starting with phase 1. And of course treats are great to teach with, but if you never fade out the treat as a reward, that is a problem.

I will be working with dogs that already have the basics (sit,stay, and lie down), but the owner wants to teach some advanced behaviors with distance and control. It’s your choice of what we teach on your dog! Your choice of the same behaviors I have used on the set in Hollywood on the set for years –  “play dead”, “straighten up”, ‘head up”, “head down”, “bow”, “wave”, “crawl”, “sit up”, “easy”, “back up”, “training the mark”, and any phase of the “retrieve”.
*15 Dog Max – Dogs need to have a solid sit, lie down, and stay

Joel Silverman Larry Krohn Jay Jack

“I provide an education for both dog and owner and I show how easy and how quickly harmony can be achieved in the household for families struggling with behavior problems from their dogs. I teach how to enhance the relationship and teach a higher level obedience whether the dog has problems or if the owners just want a happy and reliable well behaved off leash dog.”

Larry will do what he does best, and that is help attendees that need guidance with their dog’s reactiveness. This starts off with understanding and identifying what type of training tool, if necessary will be introduced. Larry will be teaching about the introduction of the e-collar, and also will work with dogs and owners that have had some problems using this tool. Larry will also focus on other training collars.
*12 Dog Max 

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