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Alternative Training Collar -XS and XXS – 5 colors

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Please refer to our chart on this page to measure the correct size for your dog. FYI – The Medium and Medium II make up for about 70% of all dogs.


We are happy to announce our new XS and XXS small Alternative Training Collars in five new colors. These new collars are great for training your dog to not jump on people, heel, and many other behaviors. They are specially made for small dogs with a thinner chain, and thin Biothane material. Biothane is a new very strong synthetic material that is used as an alternative to leather in dog collars.

The Alternative Training Collar received it’s patent on September 13, 2011, and the patent number is US 645,213 S.

This patented collar which is called The Alternative Training Collar functions as a training collar, but without the harmful and abrasive chain pulling against your dog’s neck. It provides a comfortable leather fit to your dog’s neck during training without sacrificing effectiveness. The patented leather collar keeps the chain on the back of the dog creating a comfortable, securing fit when correcting.

Thousands of pet owners have successfully used the Alternative Training Collar and the collar has been featured on Joel Silverman’s TV Show – What Color Is Your Dog?

MADE IN THE USA – The Alternative Training Collar is built in the United States in Reno, Nevada.


  • The difference between the Alternative Training Collar and a choke chain is that although the Alternative Training Collar functions the same way as a chain collar, the part that the dog feels on his neck is made of soft leather. With a chain collar, the dog feels the chain on his neck when corrected.
  • Another difference between the Alternative Training Collar and a martingale type of collar, is that when the martingale collar is pulled tight, because everything attaches in the center, it becomes nothing more than a flat collar. All the pressure comes from directly behind the dog. With the Alternative Training Collar, when correcting the dog, the handler has more leverage because the pressure comes from outside, so the handler is able to make the correction more easily and efficiently.
  • The other difference is that because of the way the collar and leash sit on the dog, it enables the handler to correct and release, allowing slack in the leash. By training your dog with a tool like this and constantly releasing, and not allowing tension, the dog becomes conditioned to not pulling and creating tension.

The collar now comes in seven different sizes. To figure out the right size, simply measure the circumference of your dog’s neck. This means you measure all the way around the dog’s neck. ( check out our size chart in the images) Once you have measured your dog’s neck, use the table below to determine the right size for your dog!

* VERY IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ – This collar was created to be a training tool, and not created to use as back tie or a tie out. We cannot guarantee that the grommets will not break if a dog is back tied or tied out and lunging.

* Also this collar was designed to use with minimal corrections, and you should never be yanking on your dog using this collar.

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Black, Dark Brown, Grey, Light Brown, White, Leather


XX Small, X Small


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