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The Dog Training Workshop Tour has become one of the most sought out dog training workshops in the U.S. since these trainers started touring in early 2021. Some of the workshops have had over 120 attendees, and it continues to grow. This gives attendees THREE TOTALLY DIFFERENT concepts in one dog training seminar/workshop. Larry, Jay and Joel all have a passion to teach and share, and anyone who has attended any of their events will tell you so. Each trainer will be out for an hour, teaching, alternating, working with attendees dogs in real time. So the great news is that if you came to watch one trainer, you will take away some great information from the other two trainers as well. The tour is open to everyone, and they have had attendees as young as 16 and as old as 80. Trainers that are brand new to the business, and trainers with 40 years experience attend these workshops.

  • All  workshops are 3 day events
  • Each trainer is out for 1 hour, and they alternate
  • All attendees watch all sessions
  • Open to everyone, however most attendees are professional dog trainers
  • LARRY KROHN – Author, and one of the best at teaching about dog training in general, but specifically issues that involve aggression and high reactivity. 
  • JAY JACK – One of the best at teaching using redirection using play and tug toys, as well as using food
  • JOEL SILVERMAN – Author, Hollywood dog trainer, and former TV show host will teach some of the more advanced behaviors used for film and TV
dog training workshop tour
tickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification course




Denver, Colorado


June 7-9, 2024

tickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification coursetickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification course

Boxborough, Massachussetts


July 26-28, 2024

tickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification coursetickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification course

Toronto, Ontario Canada


September 13-15, 2024

tickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification coursetickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification course

Nashville, Tennessee



October 11-13, 2024

tickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification coursetickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification course

St. Louis, Missouri


January 24-26, 2025

tickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification coursetickets for joel silverman dog trainer certification course

Because of our firewall protection, our website does not allow you to leave comments directly here. So if you have attended a Jay, Larry, and Joel Dog Training Workshop Tour event, and want to leave your feedback, please go to our new Facebook Group Jay Jack, Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman Workshop Tour page and leave it there. We will then copy and paste your name and your message here. On behalf of Larry, Jay, and Joel, they really appreciate you attending their events!!


Susanne Terharn
Best event in the industry! Since I have started my dog training career I have been to many training courses. This one cannot be beaten! Incredible value for all (people and dogs)The 3 trainers have three very diverse approaches but  with one passion: Do what is best for the dog and the person! Thank you guys for three unforgettable days!

Shelly Couture Beaulieu
What an honor it was to work with Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman and Jay Jack this weekend! I always say, never stop learning and who better to learn from then 3 of the best!

Mikaila Evans
I used to get so nervous to talk to Larry Krohn I would literally stutter? I never thought I’d have the opportunity to meet or talk to him again. I learned so much from him before I even met him thanks to his YouTube videos. Now when I have training questions I go to him and ask. So thankful for all the knowledge I have learned. I could listen to him Jay Jack & Joel Silverman talk forever ? I wish I could remember every single thing that comes out of their mouths lol. I wish I could have stayed longer to take pictures together today but I have a LONG drive home. 16 hours left till I’m back in Kansas. I’ve been to 3 of these workshops and I learn so much every time! TK & I went to St. Louis & Orlando together and I went to Charlotte last year with one of my own dogs. Larry Krohn, Jay Jack, & Joel Silverman are all so different but like-minded. Being fair to the dog is #1 priority for all of them! They are all amazing trainers. Can’t wait till Dallas!

Sherry Tatum
I am bummed Clarke and I didn’t get a group picture with you guys. I am so proud that Clarke overcame his public anxiety. I had an amazing weekend spent with three amazing dog trainers Joel Silverman Larry Krohn Jay Jack I was impressed by all the working spots, it’s amazing how with the proper tools and clear communication what you can achieve with the dog your training. I brought Clarke along and I am so glad I did! He and I are both better for it! Thanks for all that you do! We appreciate you all!

Shana Lear
Joel it was an honor to meet you and attend the seminar. I just want to say thank you!

Diane D’Aurora
This seminar was so nice to be able to see different approaches to the same problems. Pax and I enjoyed the seminar this past weekend in Orlando. It was wonderful learning from three different trainers with three different styles. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge! The bottom line is, it inspired me to continue to work on being a better trainer and do more, play more with my dog.

Dylan Jones
Another dog training seminar done. Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman, and Jay Jack; 3 of the best in my opinion. One mind blowing revelation and a million new ideas. Now I just want to get home and get back to the dogs.

Cathy McMillan Hall
St Louis was amazing, and the first I had done with the three of you. Not sure I can wait until next February. I see a possible road trip to Boston might be necessary.

Ang Larry
You 3 really opened my eyes and brought a lot more knowledge! It was a really great seminar!

Victoria Warfel
Day 2 of the Joel Silverman Jay Jack Larry Krohn trio workshop. We switched out Gypsy for Owlbert. Gypsy was limping and her leg/hip was sore. So Richard Warfel and Raymond Marshburn went on a road trip to come and see us. The benefits of being only an hour away! We worked on the dogs being the best service dogs they could be during the day. During the evening bonus hours, we worked on some tricks with Joel, which was super fun! Sparkles worked on sit pretty. She has been a champ these past three days! Owlbert was fresh and ready to GO! We worked on sit pretty, back up, roll over, chin down, body targeting, spin, twirl, down, sit, stand, play… and ignore all the chaos around him!

Erin Willis

I had a great weekend and I can’t wait to apply everything I’ve learned with Chloe and Mason! with Jay Jack, Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman

Deborah Foster-Violet
It’s the best watching miraculous connections and lights come on between canine and human as you so very well know Larry Krohn! Thank you so much for being one of the Greats!!!!

Tory Southard
Joel showed me that a soft voice speaks volumes. Jay taught me not only ’how’ to communicate with my dogs but also why this language makes sense to them. That ‘why’ part is something that I’ve personally struggled to grasp for a while now. Larry showed me how ‘changing the picture’ can accelerate and proof the dogs comprehension. You all taught us so much more than just those highlights but most importantly, all three of them reminded me of why I love what I do. The passion they have for this is apparent in each and every interaction they have with any dog. I want to sincerely thank each one of you for sharing that with us.

Heather Trull
I wish they’d come back to Charlotte. Loved seeing them last year.

Jill Owen
I was fortunate enough to attend a seminar in St. Louis that featured 3 amazing dog trainers: Jay Jack, Joel Silverman, and Larry Krohn. I met some really great folks and learned a ton from all 3 trainers in very different styles. This is what makes a truly great trainer: understanding not all dogs fit the same mold and neither do their owners or the owner’s goals. Here are a few pics from the seminar which includes Luna and Groot, as well as Danielle in working spots with her dogs…. can’t wait to go back next year. I came back with the knowledge of dealing with Groots reactiveness which has been a game-changer for us.

MJ Stoltz
The St. Louis workshop in February has been life changing for my relationship with my GSD. We had one issue we had been battling together for years that I just couldn’t seem to solve, but thanks to Larry Krohn and Jay Jack we learned how to tackle it and our confidence around other dogs has skyrocketed. Can’t thank them enough!

Anna Cusack
Outstanding workshop Charlotte May 2021. Can’t wait to return in 2023.

Samantha Snead
We had a blast at the St. Louis seminar 2 years in a row! Thanks for putting on these awesome workshops, and now this group! I’ll be seeing you guys in Denver again next year!

Daniel Downing
I can’t say enough about this event. They are a great group of guys giving excellent explanation of their knowledge. Worth every penny.

Kim Marcelle
I learned so much from all three of you; best dog training seminar out there. They have something for everyone and every situation. This isn’t just for trainers but also for pet owners who want to improve their relationship and communication. Thanks a bunch to the trainers AND the participants.

Angela Yost
I went into this weekend with ridiculously high expectations that my explosive/aggressive dogs would come out of there well on the way to being tolerable with each other. That was shattered the first morning. What Larry, Jay, and Joel did for me was give me life long tools and support to make the necessary changes along with some insight into the real needs of the dog. Thank you gentlemen! Time to get to work.

Brooke O’Brien
Had a lot of fun at the St. Louis workshop! Will try to make another one!

Danielle Winkleman
Had an amazing seminar with Larry Krohn , Jay Jack and Joel Silverman. These three gentlemen truly know dogs, and we are so thankful they host these seminars so we can continue to grow as trainers and owners. I feel like I have still only scratched the surface of the knowledge these guys have to offer. Here’s to the next one boys. I was a little worried about losing drive (ha!), but I’m seeing now that she’s maintaining good attitude, minus the screaming, and her positions are actually far more precise when she’s in this frame of mind.

Tracy Pintell Quade
Jay Jack, Larry Krohn, and Joel Silverman (Joel Silverman) are superstars. THANK YOU for being the humble and approachable people you are, and thank you for teaching me in a way I could accept and understand. Also thank you to folks with working spots or audit spots. Sherry Tatum, Dylan Jones, Kim Marcelle, Jenn Felty, Donovan, Sherry #2, and so many others whose names I’ve failed to remember. You each taught me. I hope to follow in your footsteps to become the great trainers you already are. And thank those of you willing to allow me to train Loki Sandstorm in sitting quietly with a stranger. Loki and his sister Nike Mont Rouge are Pets on Wheels therapy dogs at the local Hospice House. They must sit quietly with strangers who are dying or supporting someone who is. Your kindness in just holding the other end of the leash was a gift that will help people you will never know.

Danielle Stuber
Super happy with Ember’s training session today and had to share! Joel Silverman had some great tips to help the “Screaming Banshee” tone it down when training, and tonight we applied it to her position changes/signal exercise. Normally she is whining and/or barking on almost every position change. We’re also messing around with playing with food in between reps so she has to toggle back and forth between higher arousal and lower arousal. So excited to keep working with everything we learned at the seminar from all three trainers!

Lisa Stroup
Next year will be my 3rd year too! So worth it

Tonya Klosterman Martin
If you haven’t gone to see them you need to. They are fun and educational. It’s like 3 seminars in one. Well worth the money. Jay Jack Joel Silverman Larry Krohn.

Ashley McReynolds
I went to the St. Louis seminar in 2021 and I can honestly say it was a great experience! My boy Lucifer was only 6 months old then and still really nervous with people (Jay tried his hardest to get Lucifer to play with him ? and Lucifer finally let him pet him on the very last day!) I learned a ton and so did Lucifer. Larry, Joel Silverman, and Jay Jack were amazing. I hope to be able to do a second one with these 3 men! For my first seminar it was truly an awesome experience. Joel taught me some really cool things that I worked with my other dogs with and even got to bring my other dane Trooper to one of his still shoots. I really enjoyed working with Joel. The way he explains things make so much sense! And he’s really freaking nice! I got to work my friends dog with Larry. My friend was injured the first night so she wasn’t able to work her dog so I worked him for her. Larry explained the behavior behind the issues instead of just trying to fix them! He broke it down which helped my friend and her dog immensely. Jay was the funniest for sure. I loved how he used play and really really got into it! I’ve started working more with play and it definitely makes a huge difference. In both owner and dog! Long message but all in all these 3 men are amazing! And I hope to go to another event with these guys!

Susan Pickett Hoy
Had so much fun and learned lots at this seminar in Charlotte last year. Thank you Larry Krohn , Joel Silverman, and Jay Jack

Jess Rush
I’ve attended the St. Louis seminar the last two years. I love the diversity of all the training, I always walk away with something new, be it for myself and my own dogs or for my clients and their dogs – usually both. ? I’m looking forward to next year!

Jill Owen
This conference made a significant difference in my personal training with Groot, as well as all the future dog/handler teams I’ll touch in the future. Such a great message! Unmeasurable Thanks to Joel, Larry, and Jay!

Rick Pederson
St Louis seminar, February 2022 with Ralph. Take every chance you get to see Larry Krohn Joel Silverman Jay Jack , and it’s well worth the trip. Don’t miss out!

Sammi  Liz
Wrapping up the final day in Florida after an awe-inspiring seminar with Larry Krohn, Joel Silverman and Jay Jack. The first day of the 3-day seminar alone would have been worth the venture across the country. Giving hope for cases that I otherwise would have hesitation towards, now excited to take on new avenues.

Hillary Ratcliff
So much value, and lots of gems – which I’ll gratefully bring to my professional craft. Thank you Larry, Joel, and Jay for 3 days of quality, kindness, butt-kicking, and plenty of laughs along the way.
Brandy Edmunds
A year ago in Charlotte, NC. One of the most stressful (because of my jerk of a dog ?) yet amazing weekends ever. Larry
, I thought of you last night as I took Tank for a walk around dusk, knowing there would be rabbits all over my neighborhood, I brought the clicker with me and did exactly what you had me do at the seminar when he focused on dogs. As soon as he’d look at a rabbit, I’d click and he’d immediately come to me for food and we could calmly walk past the rabbits. This boy has such a prey drive, but now walks are manageable even with hopping bunnies.
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