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JSDT1 – Joel Silverman’s Basic Dog Trainer Certification Course – Fort Myers, FL

Gulfcoast Humane Society 2010 Arcadia St, Fort Myers, Florida

Joel Silverman's Basic Dog Trainer Certification Course - November 15-18- Taught by Joel Silverman- 90% practical dog training with dogs Joel has selected from the Gulfcoast Humane Society- Behaviors covered are sit, stay, come, lie down, heel, and place- Open to everyone, but marketed to new dog trainers, dog day care businesses interested in implementing…


JSDT 1/2/3 Dog Trainer Certification Course

Precious Paws 221 S Marble St, Rockmart, Georgia

This is a special seven day, 20 behavior, JSDT 1/2/3 Certification Course, and it offers both a basic and advanced JSDT 1, 2, and 3 Certifications.

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